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In the opening decades of the 21st century, the constraints imposed by a shared and finite planet have come to the forefront. The University of Delaware, with a strong history of environmental research and education, is positioned to help lead the way in developing technological, social, political, and cultural solutions to these challenges. As a cornerstone of our commitment, we have undertaken an initiative to become carbon-neutral.

The goals of this initiative are to promote sustainable practices and to support multidisciplinary efforts in research and education needed to develop solutions to significant, time-critical issues in energy, the environment, and resource sustainability. Our overarching objective is to make the University of Delaware a national and international resource for environmental research, technology, education and policy—today and into the future—by leading the way in environmental research, becoming "The Green University," developing and demonstrating alternative energy technologies and integrating environmental programs within the curriculum. The links below are just a few examples of what we are doing to accomplish our objective.


Carbon Footprint Study

A Sustainable University of Delaware

Delaware Environmental Institute

UD Energy Institute

UD Sustainability Task Force

Sustainability Fund

Single Stream Recycling

Blue Henergy

Green Dining


Ridesharing Program